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I have long been a fan of hair removal, and traditionally I am a waxer – I have my own facial and body wax kits (hello google and youtube) and I am predominantly self taught in the hair removal game. I have used hair removal creams in the past, but none have really ever lived up to their promises of pain-free and effective hair removal, but there was something about the Nair products I thought I would give a try.

Recently having launched their new Sweet Argon Oil range, I figured now was a perfect time to test them out. At a steal of a price (most their hair removal products are under $10.00) it was an easy sell, and the packaging was clean, pure and to the point.

They have two types of creams – the face and body and the precision face wand. I wanted to use both to see the effects and how well they both performed.

Before ANY type of hair removal, it is SO important to read all instructions from the packaging, for your own safety. Always do a test patch to ensure you aren’t allergic to the product and that it is safe to use – a must, especially for your face (try the bend in your elbow, or under your wrist). The instructions I grabbed are from the packaging, to ensure no confusion is met.


Smooth on thickly to cover hair. DO NOT RUB IN. After 3 – 4 minutes, test a small area. If hair is not easily removed, re-apply and wait longer. DO NOT EXCEED 10 MINUTES. For especially coarse or hard-to-remove hair, saturate hair with warm water for several minutes before, pat dry, then apply. DO NOT SWALLOW.


Rinse thoroughly with warm water using a washcloth. DO NOT RUB OR USE SOAP. Pat dry. Cap tube tightly when not in use.

The wand was an absolute breeze to use – much like a lip gloss, you just glide it over the area you wish the hair to disappear from. With my hair removal background, I decided to test it both in the direction of the hair growth (just like waxing) as well as the opposite direction too, and discovered both worked just as effective as the other. As long as there is enough product covering the hair and the application is through, the removal will take place. This can also be said for the face and body, in both scenarios. Works like a charm!

I followed these instructions directly, and it was really easy. I did notice that the finer hairs on my face had disappeared after about 4 minutes, but I did require another 4 minutes (after I rubbed the product off) for the more stubborn / thick hairs. It absolutely depends on what areas you are using it on, and how long you leave the cream on for (no longer than 10 minutes!). I didn’t have any red marks or insensitivity, and the skin was really smooth and soft after too (I can thank the organ oil for that!). I recommend applying your usual moisturiser (with SPF 50+) after, to help calm the skin after use (not that I had any irritation).

Another big note to mention is the colour and scent of the creams – both pink and delicious! Most wax products have an off-putting bleach or chemical smell to it, but the Nair hair removal creams were a delight to work with – especially being right under your nose! These products are suitable for legs, bikini, underarm and the face, as well as the upper lip, chin and cheeks with the applicator. Perfect for those who travel too, for the simplicity and ease of use of product. No messy waxes to clean up or heat, and can all be over in five minutes. Its almost too good to be true! As you can see, even Pierre loved it.

Overall I loved these products and am a true convert – I haven’t had any pimples after waxing like I normally do, nor any discolouration, reactions or anything other than smooth and soft skin. These are some really great products, so a job well done by Nair in my book.

You can find both the Precision Hair Removal Cream for Face and the Hair Removal Cream for Face and Body on their website, and all Nair products at a range of selected pharmacies, Woolworths and stores across Australia. There is a list here.

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